Cumtribute all over yourself

A CumTribute?

What is That?

My Main Squeeze has been asking for me to do something reallyNasty for her Lately and Last night was no Exception.

When she came over, she had a backpack with clothes for the next day already packed, “Hmmm” I Thought, “Its going to be an All Nighter again.” I was worked up from the day and was Pretty horny already.

Pauline began rubbing my cock through my Pants almost immediately and Begging me to get Nasty with Her NOW! “It Cant Wait” I thought. So to Put the Slut out of her and My Misery I dug through her Backpack and Pulled out a Pair of Nylons, I forced her down into a Rocking chair and said “Your Going to get The Prestige treatment Tonight.” I Tied her up Tightly Making sure she was going nowhere.

I began by Stroking My Cock in front of Her, Just looking at her Sexy Face, and Got an Idea. I had seen Sluts and Cum Dumpsters Beggingfor Cumtributes on the net so I thought Perfect timing. -Printed out a full size Face Pic of Her and set it on a chair in front of her.

Fuck Yes she she Moaned, I started stroking slow and Long at Her Pic, and Pauline began saying “DO IT” “Fuck That Face” “DO IT”Over and over getting me seriously Hard. My Cock Was throbbing and I couldn’t resist stroking faster, “Tell Me How to Face Fuck You Pauline” I said. Immediately she Began to chime in, “Fuck that Whore Face, Fuck it real Good” I could feel my Cum Boiling up I HAD To Slow Down, “No” she said “Fuck that Pauline Whore Face for Me, Fuck It” “Fuck it real good”

I backed off, to no avail, I shot a Load of Hot Cum without even touching My Cock, NO! I’m not going to waste an Orgasm! I Jacked My cock in Rhythm to my Muscle spasms shooting Her pic with each Squirt…..

Maybe You would Like to tell Me how Kinky you are? And Just How to Fuck that Slutty Face… MMMMMMM We Should Do IT!


That Was NASTY READING !………………